Monday, 4 January 2016

Scientific Method

Science is the systematic study of the things around us and how they affect us and the environment. It explains to us why and how things happen. In order for a scientist to be productive and efficient, the study and practise of science involves a scientific method. 

Observation and measurement are carefully taken and recorded and a problem is defined by an explanation or hypothesis is suggested to explain the data recorded. Experiments are carried out to test the hypothesis by conducting a fair experiment to obtain reliable results. If the experiment supports the hypothesis, the hypothesis becomes a theory. If the theory is tested numerous times, the theory becomes a law of science.

Adapted from 2012 Science Olympiad Scientific Method
®Marcus Tan Zheng Ning 2016

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About Us

We are the 3 Tan's. Our group consists of Malcolm, Marcus, Zi Bo.

Malcolm is the Leader of the group. He takes charge and gives us things to do, takes up all the responsibility of the group, and also gathers data and information.
Marcus is the tech guy and stuff. He does the technology and data things.
Zi Bo is the guy that helps Marcus with programming, gathers data and information, and then accesses it with Malcolm then give it to Marcus.

Tan Zi Bo(Left), Marcus Tan(Middle), Malcolm Tan(Right)